Real Jamaican Flavour

Baronhall Farms® confidently boast the genuine Jamaican flavour in all our sauces and spices. Our sauces are produced from specially blended herbs and spices to create their unique flavour. Our spices originate from carefully selected plants that are dried and ground to perfection. You will delight at the exotic taste and exquisite aroma added to all your favorite dishes… only found in true Caribbean Cuisine!

Baronhall Farms® Jamaican Sauces & Spices are hot, spicy, and were created specifically for those who enjoy the distinctive flavour of our famous, homegrown Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper, yet maintaining the "heat" of a gourmet hot sauce! So if you can’t make it down to a Jamaican "Jerk Pit", Baronhall Farms® has created wonderfully traditional Jerk Seasonings that offer and deliver all of the taste and flavour of our island cuisine.

Visit our recipes page, and next time you get together with your friends impress them with the authentic Jamaican dishes you’ve prepared. Sorry we haven’t been able to package our sea breeze yet… but we are working on it!

  • Scotch Bonnet


    Scotch Bonnet Pepper reigns hottest among all peppers. Heat and flavour combined in one… Jamaica’s surest of all seasonings.

  • Hot Curry Sauce


    The finest of Jamaican spices are blended to create this hot curry sauce unique to the Caribbean. Enhances flavour of shellfish, poultry and lamb.

  • Hell Hot Sauce


    This Jamaican hot sauce is not exactly radioactive, but it could be. Guaranteed to heat up anything you might consider boring. Go on… we dare you to try it!

  • Jerk Sauce


    A spicy table sauce used to enhance the flavour of poultry, seafood & meats The most novice of chefs can achieve success with our Jamaican Jerk sauce.

  • Jerk Marinade


    Jamaican "jerk" style of preparing foods has been on the island since the time of the Maroons. Its flavourful blends of spices makes it the signature dish.

  • Dried Jerk Seasoning


    The secret of real Jamaican "jerk" cooking is in the seasoning. Our Dried Jerk will prove to you why all who try it… get hooked on jerk!

  • Mixed Spice


    A classic blend of sweet Jamaican spices (allspice, nutmeg, & cinnamon) that add an extra flavour to pastries & cakes.

  • Curry Powder


    A fragrant blend of spices, herbs and seeds used to flavour poultry and various meat.

  • All Spice (Ground)


    Ground dried pimento berries, gives a strong aroma and spicy taste of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. Add at the last stage of food prep. Also used in rum drinks.

  • All Spice (Seeds)


    Rich seasoning used in soups, pickles, barbeque sauces, marinades, jerk and fish dishes. A must for Jamaican jerk spice and fish Escoveitch.

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